Bernese mountain dog Labrador mix is A.k.a Labernese. This is a large to giant size hybrid dog breed. Their structure is huge and heavy. They are strong and love physically demanding work. They can pull carts, retrieve, and work as an assistant dog for disable and bling. They are in only few designer dogs with a proper documented history.


Lab Bernese mix was first created in 90’s to help blind and disable people. The organization that creates Labernese is known as Mira. They did it because of good features and somewhat opposite characteristics. Mira is working hard to establish this breed. They are strict with their breeding standards to produce a healthy even tempered dog. Mira selects the best pure breeds collected from well reputed breeders to start labernese breed. Their main aim is to provide an intelligent dog which is gentle and helps his owner in every possible way.


They are widely bred in Switzerland for their abilities like pulling heavy weight carts and shepherding. This breed becomes extinct after means of transportation are available. But some breeders keep this breed in its natural characteristics.

He is large with long hairs and tri color coat. They are incredible with family, kids, and strangers. Their friendliness with other dogs is moderate which becomes excellent with early introduction and some obedience training. They are intelligent and fairly easy to train. A grown up dog can weigh up to 115 pounds. Their lifespan of maximum 8 years is shorter than similar size breeds. They are strong, sturdy yet friendly. Due to small gene pool the Bernese mountain dog suffers from many health problems often resulted from inbreeding.


Labradors are the most famous dog breed in America for almost two decades. They are well known for their agility, obedience, and working skills. Labradors came from Newfoundland Canada where this breed became extinct in 18th century because of tax laws. But this breed was imported and bred well in other countries like American and United Kingdom. They are affectionate, friendly, playful, intelligent, and very easy to train. They are good choice for novice owners

Labradors are easy to groom but requires attention of its owner. They are eager to learn new things to please their owner. Overall this breed is considered to be one of the all time great.


There is no certain standard to evaluate temperament of mix breed dogs. Hybrid puppies can inherit any percentage of physical and personal characteristics from his parents. So the best way to ensure temperament is by looking at his parent traits. You can expect any combination as puppies in same litter can differ widely from each other.

Make sure you pick the right puppy from litter which is not shy or beating other puppies. Always select a puppy with even temperament. This makes training easier.

Labrador and Bernese have two different kinds of personalities. Bernese mountain dog is straight forward and very faithful. On the other hand Labradors are very flexible but known to be an escape artist. So a mix between Lab and Bernese Mountain Dog creates a faithful, happy, and an even tempered dog. He is eager to please, attentive, and responsive which makes him easy to train. They are large size dogs packed with energy which makes them a great working dog.

As mentioned earlier they are breed to be an assistant dog. They can also take part in obedience and weight pulling competitions and often ends up with good results. They are protective, alert, friendly, adaptable, gentle, calm and loving.

Learning Potential80%General Health70%
Stranger Friendly100%Tolerates Hot Weather70%
Playfulness90%Tolerates Cold Weather100%
Kids Friendly90%Easy To Groom90%
Affection Level With family100%Adapts Well to Apartment Living20%
Intelligence90%Good For Novice Owners60%
Trainability95%Pet Friendly70%
Dog Friendly70%Tolerates Lonliness20%
Energy Level100%Territorial10%


  •  Calm.
  • Loving.
  • Protective.
  • Alert.
  • Friendly.
  • Intelligent.
  • Obedient.


  1. Giant.
  2. Heavy weight.
  3. Long legs.
  4. Broad chest.
  5. Stocky.
  6. Well balanced straight muzzle.
  7. Dark nose.
  8. Floppy ears.
  9. Almond eyes.
  10. His looks can vary depending upon dominant genes.


Weight 70-115 lbs.
Size 25-28 inch.
Coat Color. Black, yellow, white, black and tan.
Marking on Coat.Solid, tri color, Bi color. White marking on chest and brown on feet are most common.
Type of Breed. Mix/Hybrid/Cross
Coat Type.Double coat which is dense, soft, long and wavy.
Lifespan. 6-12 years.
Shedding. Constant.
Major Use. Working dog.
Recognized By Dog Registry Of America
Temprament.Gentle, alert, playful, friendly.
First Breed In.Canada
Daily Requirements.30-60 minute walk and mentally stimulating games.
Average Puppy Price.$700
Annual Medical expense $550
Non-Medical annual Expense $550


Bernese Mountain Dogs are tricolor with black as major body color, white chest and paws and brown and black legs. On the other hand, Labrador retriever is yellow, black, or chocolate. There are many possibility of colors combinations in labernese. Some color combinations are mention bellow.

  • Black lab Bernese mountain dog mix dog can be pure black, bi color (white markings on face, chest), or tri color (somewhat similar to Bernese).
  • Chocolate lab Bernese mountain dog mix can have solid chocolate color, bi color (white marking on chest), or tri color.
  • Bernese mountain dog yellow lab mix can have yellow, bi or tri color coat.


They can grow up to 28 inch tall and 115 pounds as an adult. Females are lighter and few inches shorter than males. Expect them to be a Giant dog. Keep an eye on their diet to keep them under healthy weight.


Labernese are highly energetic working dogs. They require a good intense workout to burn energy. An intense workout will help them stay mellow in your home. You can take them on jogging with you. They are naturally gifted hikers with strong stamina and ability to even pull weight on extreme height. They also love swimming. They are also good at retrieving games.

Give them an intense workout of 30-60 minutes to maintain good temperament. If proper physical exercise is not provided they channel their energy in destructive behavior.


This eager to please intelligent dog is very easy to train. Start training them at a young age to avoid problems. They will become strong and won’t take you as a dominant leader of the pack which makes training hard. Be gentle and don’t apply harsh methods of training as giant dogs are not pushovers. Anyone with patience and strong personality can train them with ease.

Start with basic obedience training and adds up more on top of it. They can learn to help disable and blind. They can easily pull a wheel chair. They can retrieve objects like newspaper in daily life. Don’t forget to offer them a treat whenever they listen and obey your commands. This will motivate them to learn more. A good trainer surely takes the best out of dog in every aspect.


They requires moderate amount of grooming. Brush them daily to reduce constant shedding of hairs in unwanted places. Clip their nails and Bathe them when required. Brush their teeth thrice a week to avoid bad smelly mouth. Don’t try to shave them in summer. Clean his ears properly with wet cloth or wipe to avoid ear infection.


Make sure that your dog is well aware of his neighborhood. Also expose him to sounds, cars and other objects from young age. This will help him as an adult to be comfortable around cars and noisy places.


Leaving a child alone with a large or giant dog is always a big No. These dogs can easily knock them down while playing unintentionally. Fatal injuries are also reported from time to time. To avoid any kind of trouble introduce your puppy with kids. Let them play with each other but don’t allow your puppy to bite during playing or pushing. Also teach your children to behave well with a dog. Their friendship blossom as they grew up together. Untrained Bernese can chase small children to corner them.


They are fairly dog with dogs. They can chase small pets just for excitement. These dogs are not aggressive yet they have herding instinct in them. An early exposure and training will help you to avoid any trouble in future.


They are excellent with strangers. They can bark to alert you if any stranger is coming but they are not aggressive towards stranger. Take your puppy to a walk in busy area or a park and meet other people during this time. This makes him comfortable around strangers.


They are not suitable for apartment because of big size and high energy. Bernese Lab mix loves cold weather. They can also adapt well to hot weather. They demand a big house with a yard to play. Don’t leave them alone for long periods as they are prone to separation anxiety. They are good watch dogs and often sit on your front door. They love family and kids. An ideal place is cold mountain house.


They are prone to inbreed inherited diseases because of small number to Bernese dogs. Keep an eye on their weight and eating as both parents are prone to obesity and bloat. Give them two meals of equal proportional with exercise to keep them within healthy BMI.

Always buy your puppy from a well reputed breeder and avoid pet stores and puppy mills at all cost. Extra care should be taken if you are importing a dog from another country. Make sure you check the health and breeding history of his parents and siblings.


  • Heavy weight pullers.
  • Breed especially as an assistant dog for blind people.


  • Good learner.
  • Multi talented.


  • Shorter lifespan.
  • Not good for apartment and small homes.
  • Demands physically active owner.


Overall this breed has some issues with his health and shorter lifespan. Other than this, they are exceptionally skillful dogs. Don’t forget to share your Labernese picture and temperament so we can feature him on our website.