Bullmasador are Bullmastiff Labrador mix breed dog.  They cross between lab and Bullmastiff resulted in a large size designer dog.


Bullmastiffs are known to be loyal, affectionate towards owner, hard headed, and difficult to train dogs. They are low energy dogs but are highly playful. They can live a moderate life in an apartment. Bullmastiff is prone to extreme cold and hot weather. They are extremely friendly with kids. They are highly recommended as guard dogs. Bullmastiff doesn’t shed a lot.

Labrador Retriever

The other half in this cross breed is Labrador retriever. They are breed to be high energy working dogs. Labrador shed a lot. They also require a good workout to burn excessive energy. They are generally known as working or sporting dog.

Labrador Bullmastif Mix Temperament

Both these dogs are way different from each other in temperament, looks and skills. A prefect breed of bullmastiff lab mix will create a high energy dog. This perfect Bullmasador can become the ultimate guard dog with agility and obedience. But cross breed dogs can have any set of physical and personal characteristics of from its parents.

Bullmastiff Lab mix dogs are loving, affectionate, protecting, playful and filled with energy. They are sweet and happy dogs. They are guardians of family. Lab Bullmastiff mix breed dogs are fearless and very devoted. They can sit at front door of your home and tell you if anyone is coming. They do drool a lot.

Learning Potential70%General Health60%
Stranger Friendly50%Tolerates Hot Weather30%
Playfulness90%Tolerates Cold Weather30%
Kids Friendly80%Easy To Groom100%
Affection Level With family100%Adapts Well to Apartment Living10%
Intelligence80%Good For Novice Owners20%
Trainability60%Pet Friendly60%
Dog Friendly60%Tolerates Lonliness90%
Energy Level100%Barking10%


  • Fearless
  • Energetic.
  • Protective.
  • Active.
  • Affectionate.
  • Loyal.
  • Friendly.


  1. Large size.
  2. Muscular body.
  3. Dropping or sleek face.
  4. Ears are pointing downwards.
  5. Fearless eyes.
  6. Thick strong neck.
  7. Long tail.


Weight 75 -180 lbs
Size 24-29 inch
Coat Color. Black & white, chocolate brown, light brown and white, brindle.
Marking on Coat. Tuxedo, brindle, tri color, solid.
Type of Breed. Mix/Hybrid/Cross.
Coat Type. Shiny, dense, short.
Lifespan. 9-12 years.
Shedding. Very low amount of shedding.
Major Use. Guard dog, companion dog, work dog.
Recognized By American Canine Hybrid Club, International Designer Canine Registry, Designer Breed Registry, Dog Registry Of America, and Designer Dog Kennel Club.
Temprament. Playful, energetic, loyal, affectionate and protective.
First Breed In. United States Of America.
Daily Requirements.Walking, eating and basic grooming.
Average Puppy Price.
Annual Medical expense$550
Non-Medical annual Expense $700

Colors of Bullmasador

You can breed chocolate, yellow or black lab with black & white, brown and white, brown and brindle Bullmastiff to create your own desired color. The end result can be solid color, Black/chocolate/brown with white markings on chest and jowl or brindle Bullmastiff lab mix dog.

Weight/size Of Labrador Bullmastiff Cross Breed Dog

Expect them to be huge. They can weigh up to 180 pound and 29 inch in height. Make sure you keep an eye on his weight as this designer breed is prone to obesity.

Ideal Environment for lab Bullmastiff Hybrid

They can live in apartments as they tend to be a house dog. But they often sit at front door of their home so apartments would not give them this opportunity. They are also prone to hot and cold weather because of short coat. So, ideal place to keep them is a big home with good indoor space. They can also sometimes acts like a lap dog and try to fit in the sofa with your.

Get the best Bullmasador

Start training them at very early age. Their training is a long term process which requires patience. Don’t get frustrated if they are not responding as fast as other dogs. Make sure you socialize them at an early age. Also introduce pets. They affection level with other pets, humans and kids grow as they grow older.

Common Health Issues

They are prone to obesity. They can also suffer from bloat just like other big dog breeds. Other inherited problems are Hip and elbow dysplasia, allergy and skin problems. Always buy your puppy from a reputed breeder and double check the health history of parents to ensure healthy puppy.


They require moderate level of grooming. Bathe him once a week. Brush his teeth regularly. Brush his coat twice a week and clip nails if required.


  • Good temperament as a big dog.
  • Very happy with kids and family.
  • Protect family, kids and other pets on all cost.


  • Not easy to train.
  • Not a good choice for novice dog owners.


Every dog has his own personality. That’s not the characteristics but the bond that gives an owner a feeling of love for the dog. I hope you and your Bullmastiff lab mix dog grow in love and affection.

Don’t forget to share your Bullmasador dog and puppy information, interesting facts, habits and pictures with us.