A mix of Chesapeake Bay Retriever And Labrador Retriever resulted in a designer dog called Chesador Retriever. Chesapeake bar lab mix is a large size hybrid. They are energetic, protective, friendly and affectionate towards its owner his family. They are loyal yet show independent behavior. They are surely a true athlete designer breed. They are good retrieving dogs.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

First parent of Chesador is Chesapeake Bay retriever. They are for sure the strongest, hard core and most protective breed of retrievers. These Dogs are good companions for athletes as they make good running companion. They are loyal, highly energetic and demands great deal of workout to maintain shape. Chesapeake Bay retriever is destructive and territorial if untrained. They are quick learners. Trainer should exhibit good behavior with strong personality.

Labrador Retriever

Chesador’s second parent is easy going, loving, cute looking yet hard working Labrador retriever. They establish themselves as one of the best working and sporting dog breeds over last century. Labrador is affectionate, easy to train, intelligent with lots of energy.

Learning Potential90%General Health70%
Stranger Friendly80%Tolerates Hot Weather70%
Playfulness100%Tolerates Cold Weather70%
Kids Friendly100%Easy To Groom100%
Affection Level With family100%Adapts Well to Apartment Living20%
Intelligence100%Good For Novice Owners40%
Trainability95%Pet Friendly80%
Dog Friendly80%Tolerates Lonliness20%
Energy Level100%Barking30%


  • Intelligent.
  • Hard working.
  • Packed with energy.
  • Independent.
  • Responsive.
  • Affectionate.
  • Protective.
  • Natural athlete.
  • Quick learner.
  • Playful.
  • Obedient.


  1. Lean body.
  2. Muscular body.
  3. Large size.
  4. Shiny.
  5. Floppy long ears.
  6. Long.


Weight 55-80 lbs.
Size 21-26 inch.
Coat Color. Black, chocolate, light brown, and golden.
Marking on Coat. Earthy or solid.
Type of Breed. Mix/Hybrid/Cross
Coat Type. Dense, short, water repellent and thick.
Lifespan. 11-15 years.
Shedding. Seasonal.
Major Use.Working dog, Agility dog, Guard dog, Companion, Sporting dog.
Recognized By American Canine Hybrid Club, International Designer Canine Registry, Dog Registry Of America, and Designer Dog Kennel Club
Temprament. Playful, independent, friendly and affectionate.
First Breed In.Unknown
Daily Requirements.An hour of walking jogging or agility training to maintain good shape.
Average Puppy Price.Not known
Annual Medical expense$500
Non-Medical annual Expense$600

Weight/size expectation from Chesador

They are large dogs. They can weigh up to 80 lb and can stand 26 inch tall. Therefore, you definitely need a large dog house, to keep them comfortable.

They are not suitable for apartments. An ideal place would be a house with big yard to play.

How can I Get The Best Out Of My Hybrid Dog?

Make sure you socialize your dog at an early age. Chesadors are generally excellent with kids but they can show some frictions with other pets. Early introduction will ensure a strong bond between your pets and dog.

Also start training them before they become an adult. They are fairly easy to train but don’t try to use harsh training techniques. Keep your patience if they are acting playful during training.

They also need an hour of play time. You can take them for hiking trips with your. They love to hike and guard you during your sleeping hours.

Chesador Common Health Issues

All types of pure and cross breed retrievers are prone to skin, joints, and eye problems. Regular checkups are required to ensure good health. Choose a breeder with good reputation before buying your chesador puppy. Make sure that the parents of puppy is physically and mentally healthy.


They are seasonal shedders and needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth thrice a week or daily and bathe them when dirty or smelly. Brush their hairs twice a week. Clip their nails when required.


  • Multi talented dog breed.
  • Good for novice owners.
  • Demands basic grooming.


  • Not for lazy people.
  • Can show dominant independent behavior.

Chesador Pictures

chesapeake labrador mix
chesapeake bay retriever lab mix


Overall Chesador are very beautiful, strong dog which are always loved by their owners for their hard work and talents.