Chow Chow Labrador Mix Breed Info

Lab chow mix is also known as Chabrador, Chowder dog, Chowbrador, Chow-lab, Lab-chow, and Labrador-Chow. In this breed, designers bring two dogs from with very different personalities and combine them to produce a medium size, stocky, heavy dog.

Their physical appearance and temperature depends upon dominant genes. There is no set bench mark for appearance and characteristics of mixed breed dogs. Even siblings in same litter can vary in color, size, weight, appearance, and temperament.

Factors like training, socializing and environment also play a big role in development of a good temperament. Selection of puppy is also important as it can save you large amount of money and time in future. A good Chow lab mix puppy is neither shy nor aggressive. He will be even tempered by birth and can be spotted within a litter by an expert.

We have to look at Labrador and Chow Chow for information about appearance and temperament of Chow lab hybrid.


Chow chow is not a suitable dog for everyone. They have strong independent nature. Because of independent nature he likes to be alone. He is not as affectionate as some other dog breeds. They are also not friendly with strangers, kids, pets, family. They have a low to mild energy and playfulness.

Chow Chow is very hard to train. A well socialized and trained chow chow is noble, friendly, and loyal with independent mind. They are not tolerant of bad behavior and best suited for family with grownups. All in all they are no non sense dog. They quietly love their owners. Some people compare their characteristics with cats. Cats are usually independent, aloof, intelligent, and stubborn.


Labrador retrievers are very affectionate, loving, friendly dogs. They are intelligent and easy to train. They demands highly active owner who can match their energy level. Labs are wanderers. They are known to be an escape artist. Labrador has a deep love for water. They webbed feet helps them to swim easily.

They are very good with small children, family, pets, dogs, and strangers. A well trained and socialized Labrador is a good companion, a great working and sporting dog. They can compete in agility and obedience competitions. They are naturally breed to retrieve during gun hunting games.


Labrador is often bred with other breeds like chow chow to increase their intelligence, friendliness, energy, playfulness, and trainability. In this case Labrador bring all positive characteristics to balance out independent, hard to train, aloof, quite, and somewhat stubborn chow chow to create Chabrador.

Chow lab mix is even tempered hybrid. He is alert, aggressive, quite, independent, loving, and intelligent. He may look bullheaded but he loves his owner with all his affection. Some chabradors are expressive like labs and easy going with family and other are quite. They can be loving and friendly one second and aggressive and territorial when required.

A well socialized, trained Chowbrador is neither shy nor aggressive.

Learning Potential70%General Health90%
Stranger Friendly50%Tolerates Hot Weather80%
Playfulness90%Tolerates Cold Weather100%
Kids Friendly60%Easy To Groom80%
Affection Level With family50%Adapts Well to Apartment Living20%
Intelligence80%Good For Novice Owners20%
Trainability70%Pet Friendly50%
Dog Friendly50%Tolerates Lonliness60%
Energy Level90%Territorial80%


  • Independent.
  • Quite.
  • Highly energetic.
  • Intelligent.
  • Brave.
  • Territorial
  • Not very friendly.


  1. Strong.
  2. Sturdy.
  3. Stocky.
  4. Medium size.
  5. Head can be big like chow with a mane or broad and flat like Labrador.
  6. Strong tail.
  7. Floppy ears of medium length.
Weight 50-80 lbs.
Size 19-24 inch.
Coat Color. Black, yellow, brown/chocolate.
Marking on Coat. Solid.
Type of Breed. Mix/Hybrid/Cross
Coat Type. Dense, thick, and water repellent coat. Length of coat can vary from short to long.
Lifespan. 9-12 years.
Shedding. Seasonal shedding (spring and autumn)
Major Use. Companion or Guard dog.
Recognized ByDog Registry Of America
Temprament. Vary from friendly and loving to independent and quite.
First Breed In. United States Of America
Daily Requirements.A good workout to balance his energy. Games for mental stimulations.
Average Puppy Price. Unknown
Annual Medical expense $500
Non-Medical annual Expense $500


Their energy and playfulness can vary. Generally they are highly energetic and demand a good amount of workout. A good brisk walk or a jog will help them to stay calm. Keep the intensity of workout low and increase time as they grew older. Swimming and retrieving games are also great option for people with less energy. Exercise helps them to stay calm.


Chabrador learning ability can vary from moderate to excellent. They are fairly easy to train if their temperament is more like Labrador and hard if it swings towards Chow chow. Start at an early age to avoid stubborn nature of chow-lab. They are best suitable for people with dog training experience. You have to establish yourself as leader with your gestures, attitude, and expression to train them. Otherwise they won’t listen to you.

Avoid harsh behavior at all cost as they are not a pushover. Make sure you motivate them during training with treats. Stay calm and expect several repetitions during training. Continue training them throughout his lifespan to keep him under control. Start with obedience and leash training. Add up things when he start obeying your commands.


Lab chow mix requires moderate grooming from his owner. They shed a small amount of hairs which can be reduce by brushing. During shedding season brush them every day. Bathe them only once or twice a month. Make sure you keep their teeth and ears clean. Clip their nails when required.


He requires an early exposure to sounds, cars, and surrounding places. Make sure you treat him well during early childhood. A good treatment will boost his confidence in his owner.


They are not the best dog for families with small kids. Keep an eye on your puppy and kids during early days. Make sure both kids and dog behave well with each other. There bond will become stronger as they grow up together. Don’t ever leave your kid alone with a chabrador.


Their friendliness with pets and other dogs is moderate. They can show aggression or keep themselves quite if well trained. Make sure you introduce him to enough cats and dogs in his puppyhood.


They are naturally territorial. You need to socialize them at young age to increase their friendliness with strangers.


You can expect them be somewhere around 19-24 inch tall and 50-80 pounds in weight. They are medium to large size dog with stocky body.


Labrador chow mix is best suitable for homes with big yards. They are excellent in cold and good in hot weather. They are not suitable for apartments. You can keep them in a fenced backyard as a guard dog.


Hybrid dogs will inherent diseases from their parents like all other characteristics. Mostly chowder dog are prone to eye diseases, hip and elbow joint dysplasia, and bloat. Also keep an eye on their weight as they are prone to obesity. Make sure you give them 2 meals of equal proportions and don’t allow them to gallop.

Always by a puppy from a well reputed breeder and avoid pet stores and puppy mills. Check the health and breeding history of parents. Also ask for health clearance of puppy form breeder.


  • An even tempered dog if well trained and managed.
  • Good with extreme cold temperatures.


  • Not as friendly as some other hybrid dogs.
  • Not good for novice owner.
  • Not easy to train.
  • Independent.


Overall chabrador is not a dog breed for every dog lover. They are not your playful lap dog. Don’t forget to share you chow lab mix pictures and temperament with us.