Lab Dachshund Mix are also known as Dachsador, Doxidor, and Weinerdor. This is surely and unusual hybrid between two dogs which are very different from each other. One is short and long in stature and the other one is tall. Dachsador is attentive, playful, wanderer, affectionate, friendly, energetic with no non-sense character. They inherited hunting instinct from Dachshund and retrieving from Labrador. They act like a lap dog


Dachshund is very short breed dog with 9 inch average height. Their body is compact and can weigh up to 30 lbs. Dachshund body is longer than their height. They are mainly breed to hunt rabbits, badgers and foxes who lives in tunnels. Dachshunds are adaptable to apartment lifestyle. Dachshund is affectionate, good with kids, intelligent but not very easy to train. They have moderate energy level.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is a large dog breed. They are well known across the world as a sporting/working dog breed. Labs are good companion dog. Their friendly nature allows them to earn the top spot on every chart of good dog breeds. They are very good with kids, strangers but requires more grooming then other dogs.

Learning Potential80%General Health70%
Stranger Friendly40%Tolerates Hot Weather60%
Playfulness90%Tolerates Cold Weather60%
Kids Friendly70%Easy To Groom90%
Affection Level With family100%Adapts Well to Apartment Living40%
Intelligence90%Good For Novice Owners20%
Easy To Train30%Pet Friendly60%
Dog Friendly60%Tolerates Lonliness30%
Energy Level100%Barking40%


  • Short to medium height.
  • Long body.
  • Small front and back legs.
  • Labrador like face.
  • Hanging ears.
  • Short to medium length tail.
  • Compact muscular body.
  • Webbed feet.


  1. Fast speed.
  2. Real athlete.
  3. Friendly.
  4. Running machine.
  5. Alert.
  6. Loving.
  7. Affectionate.


Weight 25- 50 lbs
Size 10-14 inch
Coat Color. Black, chocolate and dark to light brown or yellow.
Marking on Coat. White shade on face and belly or solid color.
Type of Breed. Mix/Hybrid/Cross
Coat Type. Short
Lifespan. 12-15 years
Shedding. Low.
Major Use. Sporting, hunting.
Recognized By Dog Registry Of America
Temprament.Quick, witty, loyal, friendly, playful, eager to please.
First Breed In. United States Of America
Daily Requirements. Walking/running them to burn excess energy.
Average Puppy Price.
Annual Medical expense $500
Non-Medical annual Expense $500

Colors of  Dachsador

You can cross black, yellow or chocolate Labrador with any color dachshund to get Yellow, black or chocolate color lab dachshund mix puppy

Weight & Size Expectancy

Expect a miniature size dog which is prone to obesity. They can be one foot and few inches but can weigh heavily if you allow them to eat a lot or keep them indoor for long periods of time. So keep an eye on their weight.

Ideal Environment For Dachshund Labrador retriever Cross Breed

You can keep them in apartments if you provide them enough opportunity to run, play to remain in shape. Home with good sized lawn is best option for Dachsador.

How can I get the best out of my Dachsador Puppy

Start training your lab dachshund mix puppy at a young age otherwise they can show independent side of their nature. Don’t allow them to bite during play even if they are small puppies.

Keep their energy level low by giving them enough opportunity to burn extra energy. Make sure that you socialize your puppy with pets and cats at young age to keep a friendly environment between pets. Train them to bark only to alert you. Take them for a walk to meet their socializing needs.

Common Diseases & Health Problems

They are prone to obesity, skin problems, and back problems. Choose a well reputed breeder to avoid inherited diseases.


Keep them indoor as they are prone to very cold and hot weather. Brush their teeth regularly. Don’t bathe them until they are dirty. Brush their hairs twice or thrice a week. You also have to clip their nails from time to time.


  • Low grooming requirements.
  • Low annual cost.
  • High energy in small frame.


  • Not very easy to train.
  • Not recommended for novice owners.


Overall Duchsador is an amazing hybrid for dog loving community.