Golden Retriever Labrador mix is also known as Golden Lab, Golden Labrador Or Goldador. Both Labrador and Golden retriever belongs to retriever family. Golden retriever & Labrador retriever is crossed to create a golden lab which is hard working like Labrador and sensitive like Golden retriever. There are no set rules to predict their appearance and characteristics. They can look like one parent and act like other or they can have a mixed look and temperament.

Both parents are by far the most popular breeds in United States of America. Both are intelligent, friendly, intelligent and easy to train. These traits make Goldador a fitting choice to work as sniffing, police, military, assistant, and rescue dogs. They put all their effort to work hard.

These dogs are smart and sensitive enough to work as with anti narcotics and bomb detection squads. On the other hand this lab golden mix is a loyal, friendly, affectionate family dog. They love to play around kids and very good with strangers and other pets. This designer dog is not famous as some other toy dogs but he will be one force to reckon in future.

For more information about Golden lab we have to look at his parenting breeds.


Labrador retriever holds the title of most popular dog breed of America for last 23 years. They are loving, compassionate, loyal, extremely friendly social magnets. They are well known for their obedience, intelligence, agility and sporting skills. They are hard working eager to please working dogs. In America Labradors are playing their part in society as police, military, rescue, and assistant dog. They are easy to train and highly intelligent. Labradors are a good choice for novice owners. Their top place is USA is not a distinction as they are also favorite dog breed in Canada and United Kingdom.


Golden retriever is the third most popular breed in America. They are only less popular then their sibling Labrador and the German Shepherd. This breed is known for its good looks and sensitive character. Golden retrievers are highly suitable for demanding jobs like bomb and narcotics tracking. They are affectionate, loving, loyal, and friendly which makes them one of the best companion dog. They are natural athlete and breed to retrieve the kill during gun hunting games. Golden retrievers are known to be very intelligent and easy to train. They are highly energetic and playful.


Goldador surely inherit common features of his parenting breeds. Other than that they can have adopt any percentage of physical and personal characteristics from both parents. There are no set rules to predict the temperament of Golden Labrador. Even puppies from same litter have different appearance and temperament.

Golden retriever lab mix is loyal, friendly, affectionate, eager to please and happy dog. They are highly intelligent which makes them easy to train. He will learn basic obedience commands and retrieving within few weeks. They love to be around family, pets, dogs especially kids. Golden lab loves to play retrieving games. He is a good swimmer and naturally loves water. They are never afraid to take a dip in a deep pond. They are good with strangers.

They are prone to separation anxiety. They may become shy and aggressive if left alone for long periods of time. Labrador and Golden retriever mix needs good amount of exercise to stay mellow. Thus their capabilities make them good service and assistant dog. Goldador can also compete in obedience and agility competitions.

Learning Potential90%General Health80%
Stranger Friendly100%Tolerates Hot Weather80%
Playfulness90%Tolerates Cold Weather90%
Kids Friendly100%Easy To Groom100%
Affection Level With family100%Adapts Well to Apartment Living20%
Intelligence90%Good For Novice Owners80%
Trainability100%Pet Friendly100%
Dog Friendly95%Tolerates Lonliness20%
Energy Level100%Territorial4%


  • Loyal.
  • Fearless.
  • Playful.
  • Affectionate.
  • Eager to please.
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Responsive.
  • Active.


  1. Square flat head.
  2. Square wide muzzle.
  3. Long floppy ears.
  4. Almond shaped eyes.
  5. Dark Brown eye color.
  6. Black nose.
  7. Long tail.
  8. Webbed feet.
  9. Strong body.
  10. Broad chest.


Weight 55-80 lbs.
Size 21-24 inch.
Coat Color. Red, Black, Yellow, Chocolate, and white.
Marking on Coat. Solid or shading of same color.
Type of Breed. Mix/Hybrid/Cross
Coat Type.Double coat (short upper coat with dense undercoat), water resistant.
Lifespan. 10-15 Years.
Shedding. Heavy.
Major Use. Sporting, working, hunting.
Recognized ByAmerican Canine Hybrid Club (Name: Golden Labrador)
International Designer Canine Registry (Name: Golden Labrador Retriever)
Dog Registry Of America (Name: Golden Labrador Retriever)
Designer Dog Kennel Club (Name: Goldador Retriever)
Temprament. Intelligent, playful, active, and responsive.
First Breed In. Unknown.
Daily Requirements. A good workout to burn excessive energy.
Average Puppy Price.$900-1500
Annual Medical expense $600
Non-Medical annual Expense $600


Golden retrievers come in many shades of Golden. You can find very shiny white A.k.a blonde to almost reddish golden color. On the other hand Labrador Retriever come in Three major colors (Yellow, black and chocolate). Few possibilities of outcomes are as following.

  • Golden retriever black lab will surely produce a Black Goldador.
  • Golden retriever yellow lab mix will surely produce a Yellow or Reddish Goldador. They shades are somewhat similar to pure breed Golden retrievers.
  • Golden retriever chocolate lab mix will surely produce some Chocolate Goldadors in litter.

So as you see, Golden Labrador can be found in blonde to reddish, yellow, black and chocolate.


Take him out for a 30-60 minute walk, jog or stroll in a park. Provide him water and he will swim to burn his extra energy on his own. They are good companions for athletes. These dogs also love to hike with family and kids. You can also play retrieving games with ball or frizbee. They love to play and you can save your energy for better tasks. Training will lower down their energy level. A good workout session makes them mellow and more suitable for apartment and small house. Otherwise they can be destructive and aggressive.


Golden Labrador retrievers are great for novice owner as they are very eager to please. They will learn new things with fewer repetitions then most other dog breeds. They can learn basic to extremely difficult obedience commands. Golden Labrador can also learn to compete in agility sports. You can easily train them a gun dog game retriever.

They can also learn to sniff out particular odors. You just have to introduce an odor and hide it in a room to start with. You can raise the difficulty of training with time. They can also be trained as assistant dogs as they are always loving, affectionate and hard working.

Start with a very young dog and teach him obedience as the first stepping stone. From here you can take him to any specific type training. Don’t forget to motivate them. Stay calm if they don’t get it in first try. Training them will channel their intelligence in a right way which ensures good behavior for rest of their life.


They require basic grooming. Brush their hairs every now and then to reduce the amount of hairs in unwanted places. In Spring and Autumn they shed a lot. During this season you have to daily brush their hairs to help them. Clip their nails and bathe them only when required. Brush their teeth thrice a week and wipe their ears every now and then to reduce the possibility of infection.


Make sure your dog is well exposed to its surroundings and noises from a very young age.


They are naturally very friendly with kids. But it is a safe practice to never leave kids alone with a big dog. Make sure you teach your kids to behave well with dogs. Introduce your dog with kids at a young age. Caution is required if you bought an adult dog especially from shelters.


They are naturally very gentle and kind towards small pets, birds and other dogs. Goldador loves to play with other pets and dogs. Their bond becomes stronger as they grow up together.


They are generally very good with strangers. Make sure you take them for a walk to park or market so they can see other humans. Keeping then in a cage, kennel or a fenced yard for long periods without any other human interaction is a big no for this breed. They are not territorial but can bark when they see any strangers. This makes them a good watch dog but a bad guard dog.


They are also not very good when left alone for long periods of time. So make sure you keep them with your family. Don’t leave them in a kennel in a backyard as they are not breed for this purpose. They are excellent in cold and hot weather. They are not suitable for apartment because of high level of energy. They are most suitable for families with pets and dogs around them.


Their size is very predictable as Golden And Labrador retrievers are both similar in weight and size. They can weigh somewhere between 55-80 lbs and 21-24 inch in height.


Both Breeds are prone to bloat and obesity. Divide their meals in two equal proportions and don’t allow them to rush through their meal. Also keep an eye on their weight to keep them in proper shape. Clean their ears regularly to avoid infections.

Make sure you buy a puppy from a well reputed breeder. They will provide with health clearance of puppy and his parents. Avoid pet stores and puppy mills as they practice untested breeding.


  • Multi talented.
  • Excellent Learning capability.
  • Good for novice owners.
  • Good with any kind of weather.


  • Not suitable for apartment.
  • Too much for old or lazy people.


Overall Goldador is one of the best mix breed dog. They are multi talented and good with almost everything. Don’t forget to share you Golden Lab retriever pictures and experience with us.